Is it possible to discuss love and business in exactly the same breath? We don’t do vague here. Here are self-love happens when we realize that we’re here to create something bigger than ourselves; that we’re a vessel or channel for something way more significant, and timeless.

Loving unconditionally doesn’t mean we do not get rewarded or recognized. We’re human, and we need to be seen and heard. If we keep giving without being acknowledged, it’s not love – it’s being a doormat.

“Self-love is attained out of total respect for ourselves and our purpose on Earth. Self-love is grand, trusting and allowing ourselves to be embraced.”

I think if we pour our heart and soul into our business, and have the guts to be our truth – i.e. loving our business unconditionally – we will be generously rewarded. I believe it is important for us to nail our message and find that unconditional love for our business, so we can have the courage to place us all in our businesses and outside in the world.

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It’s How We Love Ourselves Back

Or they get tired of working in their companies and not seeing the return not being loved by their companies. Self-love is more than what we do or purchase for ourselves. It’s not what you do but how you do it. When you are being all you in your business, helping others with superpowers and your expertise, you’ll be handsomely rewarded and have your business love you back.

For entrepreneurs, with the concept or idea behind our companies, we’ve fallen in love at some point or another. That is why we started our companies. Self-love occurs when we realize our life’s purpose and understand that we must take extreme care of ourselves so we can be our best to be of service – because our existence is all about something far more than our body, mind and spirit.

Self-love is inspired by knowing your purpose, nailing your message and realizing that you are a piece of the puzzle and you can be an investment and great asset.

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