New homeowners or those looking to modernize older homes frequently refer to specialty businesses to get a hold of customized or one-of-a-kind design elements. Window treatments, like top down blinds at, fall under this category. Situate yourself as a well-informed and dependable business provider by promoting your window treatments via electronic and print media, urging and rewarding referrals from customer, showcasing your products in public sites whenever possible, and taking part in home decor shows or expos.

Leverage your window treatment business with these tips

Take advantage of every single chance to make your new business public. Inform relatives, friends, even acquaintances about business and what sorts of services you offer. Pin your business card on bulletin boards found in public. Also consider paying for an ad in the local newsprint.

Establish good working relations with other proprietors of small-businesses that are related to yours. Request real estate agents to hand your information sheet or business card to potential buyers as they show homes. Set up mutually beneficial understandings with your local home-decor, textile and window retailers. For instance, you will be recommending clients of the services they offer if they will be displaying your marketing paraphernalia in their shops. You may also propose to create window treatments for a model homes of home builders in exchange for referrals and/or publicity.

Give a demonstration your services and make an exhibition of models of your window treatments at local home-and-garden fairs. Create an album or portfolio of pictures of your window treatments in the homes or offices that have bought them to give potential customers a clear and real real-life samples of your effort.

Social media is an effective advertising channel as long as it is done and used well. Create a business page on social networking sites to reach your target audience. Additionally, set up a website for your business to develop your presence online as well as to have an extensive pool of would-be customer. Include your Web address in your print media ads.

Offer considerable discounts or small tokens or gifts as an incentive for existing customers who are successful in giving referrals. Consider giving discounts to clients who hire you to do several windows or rooms in their office or home.

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