Photobooths have grown to be very popular, along with a question that many people ask, how can one start a photobooth business? Pikt Entertainment photo booth melbourne photo booth hire melbourne is among the popular businesses that can earn you an added income.

Building a photobooth business is simpler than what anyone else thinks. All you will need is a little knowledge on the technology that runs it, a little investment money, and lots of perseverance to reach your goal. As soon as your business is running well it could possibly make you $100 an hour.

In this post, we will give you a very basic layout of how you can get started and concentrate on a number of the typical hurdles and blunders newbies make, and also the information on what to use so that you can easily commence your very own photobooth business.

Purchase an already established business

I purchased my existing business from the previous owner for $6,600. The purchase includes the following:

  • two printers
  • two DSLR cameras
  • two touchscreen monitors
  • a booth
  • website
  • some reserved events.

For a quick startup, the opportunity to purchase an already established business is a great idea. All the hard work had been done for you. The downfall is that you will have to assume all the mistakes that the previous owner has created. You can do a little research to find businesses for sale in your area but the search can be daunting.

Start from scratch

Your second option is to start from scratch and copy the way a fully working booth get to where they are for about $5,000 while using the products listed below. This is only the essential start-up costs to make the booth. After that, there are extra expenses like insurance coverage and advertising costs, which vary significantly.

So here is the list of equipment and supplies you are going to need:

Equipment, Software, and Supplies

  • The Booth. use a both that’s fairly easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Camera. You will need a middle range DSLR.
  • Camera AC Adapter. Allows you to plug your camera directly to an outlet.
  • Laptop. Nothing fancy here. Just the regular laptop will get the job done.
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Printer. You need a high quality pro photo printer.


  • Breezehigh-qualityto Booth


  • Printer Paper / Ink
  • Props – optional but definitely a seller

You can start researching on the current costs of these needed items to start. When you are all set up, you can advertise mainly using Facebook ads. It has worked well for many.

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