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Draw an inspiration from a successful online marketer. Off the Charts Video games, the owner is an entrepreneur, online seller, and former teacher. He explains how he started his business that initially started as part-time. The tables have turned, now it is his major source of income. Be motivated. You could be the next business owner hosting fortnite leaderboards on the side of your business.

Tell us about your company. What’s your story: How were you able to decide about what to market? Where do you get your products?

At the summertime of 2012, I was needing some sort of income to supplement my salary as a substitute instructor and to meet the needs of my family. I began purchasing things to market online and going every weekend. I discovered that selling my doubles proved to be a way, while I purchased games to enhance my collection.

Since the inconsistency of teaching work began to wear me on, my growing online earnings had me thrilled. In 2013, I met with my business partner who invited me to move beyond marketplace areas like Amazon and eBay. My website was launched using ZenCart, however, was not pleased. We also have seen a huge growth in brand recognition, revenue, and customer trust and switched our site in April of 2014 into Shopify.

While our early months have been slow, we immediately watched our Shopify shop grow into a trusted supply of yearly income. It is the brand’s home, and we would not have it any other way.

Our goods have been sourced from client trade-ins and wholesalers, both international and domestic. Together with the Shopify website, we’ve been able to market. We’ve had trade-ins come from throughout the nation and globally for money and shop credit.

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