The Corporate Governance РGenerally, the philosophy of corporate governance of the company is to achieve the maximum degree of accountability transparency and ethics. The significance of governance is to meet the aspirations of the shareholders, customers, providers, leaders, employees, all holders, and the expectations. Board of Directors supports the principles of corporate governance and guides the actions of the organization to achieve it is a goal of integrity, accountability, and transparency.

Corporate governance’s objective is to optimize long-term shareholder value. Good governance serves the stakeholders’ interests and should address.

Transparency – means adequate accurate and timely disclosure of information. Without transparency, it’s impossible to make any progress towards good governance. Business heads should understand that transparency generates shareholder value that is immense.

Accountability – is most crucial in the corporate world, this involves in many factors and stakeholder.

Here are the committee participated in the Corporate board of directors general assembly РAudit, Remuneration, Shareholders, and Disclosures.